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Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Wed Mar 15 12:29:01 GMT 2006

Muhammad Nauman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I m new to this Tools and i have found it really Userful.
> I have my Mail server on Fedora Core 3 .
> With Lattest Sendmail
> With Lattest ClamAV
> and  Lattest MailScanner.
You should really use specific version numbers; your definition of 
latest could be different from others' point of view.
> I Used the Package ClamAv+SA available on the MailScanner Site with 
> was really easily installed.
> While Monitoring the SPAM mails on the server , It does catches many 
> of them easily , but some still passes through. I wanna debug the 
> stages of MailScanner so i can trace and fix that problem .
It's not a problem you fix by debugging or tracing. You have to look 
through the configuration file and pay attention to parameters such as 
"use spamassassin", the spam scores (which you can make higher or lower 
depending on your particular mail flow). You should also enable any 
auxiliary tools for spamassassin that you can (such as Razor, Pyzor and 
DCC) so that it can make a better analysis.
> Further more - it is also marking my local Mails as Spam - how can i 
> clear it
You don't clear it; you add your local IP addresses to a whitelist, or 
disable spam checks for your specific internal IP addresses using 
rulesets. You shouldn't whitelist names or domains, because those can 
usually be easily falsified.
> Thankx in Advacne.
> Nauman


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