Help About MailScannerers Stages.

Muhammad Nauman nauman at
Wed Mar 15 09:40:37 GMT 2006

Hi All,

I m new to this Tools and i have found it really Userful.

I have my Mail server on Fedora Core 3 .
With Lattest Sendmail
With Lattest ClamAV
and  Lattest MailScanner.

I Used the Package ClamAv+SA available on the MailScanner Site with was 
really easily installed.

While Monitoring the SPAM mails on the server , It does catches many of them 
easily , but some still passes through. I wanna debug the stages of 
MailScanner so i can trace and fix that problem .

Further more - it is also marking my local Mails as Spam - how can i clear 

Thankx in Advacne.


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