Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Tue Mar 14 02:39:28 GMT 2006

I've used clamav-milter on every server I've installed/maintained, and I 
always have to edit to add "--enable-milter" to be able to 
update it. I also search&replace all the "sleep 2"s and "sleep 5"s with 
"sleep 0", comment them out, or remove them altogether. Makes for a 
quicker install, and the script is mature enough not to break.

Could there be an "--enable-milter" option, or something that would 
detect the existence of clamav-milter (perhaps a ps -ax | grep 
clamav-milter) and add it to the ./configure line? Perhaps a 
"--super-fast" that would preclude the "sleep"s?

Just my 2c...


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