How to whitelist my clietns ?

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Tue Mar 14 02:34:39 GMT 2006

I think many will agree that if he hasn't read through the config file 
yet and found out about rulesets, MailWatch is a little bit too much 
right now. He should first get acquainted with rulesets manually and 
then progress to MailWatch. It's surprising how well MailScanner can 
work without user intervention; I wouldn't be able to guess how long 
this particular installation has been running without using rulesets. 
I'm guessing it's not using spamassassin, or using it in a limited 
fashion (no razor/pyzor/dcc). Even still it works very well 
"out-of-the-box", specially with Julian's SA-Clamav installer.

Dennis Willson wrote:
> You should consider installing Mailwatch. Then whitelisting and 
> blacklisting are simple web gui operations.
> spart cus wrote:
>> hi guys,
>> ive recently noticed that one my clients using the name SysAd on his 
>> email client is being detected as spam.How can i manually tell my MS 
>> not to tagged this client ?
>> thanks
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