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I use Linux (Fedora distro to be more precise) and face the same
problem.   Actually what I am more interested is trying to find out is
how to proper determine the bottleneck in order to deploy a solution.

This can be an upgrade or adding a second/third server to balance
things out.  A more "standard" solution that I've read is to use 2
servers : one to perform the scanning and the second to provide
storage (as a NFS server) so when the MTA delivers the message locally
it is actually drops it at another server.

On 3/11/06, Jon Radel <jon at> wrote:
> Matt Kettler wrote:
>  > free will give you a good idea as to how much memory is in use, etc.
> This all assuming that Anakin Skywalker and/or mbneto (are they actually
> the same anonymous author?) are actually running Linux.  I checked every
> message in this thread and it appears that he / they never bothered
> saying.  (My apologies if I missed something.)
> To whomever you are:  free is lovely on Linux, but is unlikely to give
> you joy on, just for example, FreeBSD or Solaris.  Giving us some hint
> as to what OS you're running on what hardware will greatly increase the
> probability that somebody can give useful advice specific to your situation.
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