Big Loads

Jon Radel jon at
Sat Mar 11 20:59:15 GMT 2006

Matt Kettler wrote:

 > free will give you a good idea as to how much memory is in use, etc.

This all assuming that Anakin Skywalker and/or mbneto (are they actually 
the same anonymous author?) are actually running Linux.  I checked every 
message in this thread and it appears that he / they never bothered 
saying.  (My apologies if I missed something.)

To whomever you are:  free is lovely on Linux, but is unlikely to give 
you joy on, just for example, FreeBSD or Solaris.  Giving us some hint 
as to what OS you're running on what hardware will greatly increase the 
probability that somebody can give useful advice specific to your situation.

--Jon Radel
jon at

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