Big Loads

James Page billox at
Sat Mar 11 00:41:48 GMT 2006

Use more than one MailScanner server and round robin on the address record.


Anakin SkyWalker wrote:
> We  have a busy mail server (150K msgs/day). Spamassassin is not a 
> option for us even with newer versions because it slows down the scan 
> processes in such a way that the incoming queue goes high quickly. 
> We're using MailScanner for 2 years now and we're glad it exists. But 
> sometimes even with no third part software for spam checks (SA), it 
> slows down the machine and the queues go up again. Of course it only 
> happens when we're getting massive spam attacks.
> We're looking for a solution and we do want to use SpamAssassin. 
> Anyone with a similar problem to exchange tips, or even experienced 
> users that know how to deal with such problems?
> Thank you.
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