FreeBSD port / script

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Thu Mar 9 15:38:56 GMT 2006

Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
> sendmail and exim have that as well. But the standard exim mta script will
> not launch all instanced necessary for mailscanner (incoming, outgoing,
> submit). Nor will the standard sendmail RCng script. I am not sure about
> postfix or how exactly postfix works with MailScanner so I can only speek
> for the other two.
> Kind regards,
>   JP

Postfix starts up everything that is needed. It doesn't have separate 
commands that you need to start for queues to work, thats just silly. 
With postfix, we specify a rule to put all incoming mail in the hold 
queue, which mailscanner scans and then transfers to postfix incoming 
queue, where postfix picks it up and sends it on its way.

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