free bitdefender worth it?

Julian Field MailScanner at
Wed Mar 8 17:32:52 GMT 2006


On 8 Mar 2006, at 16:41, Greg Matthews wrote:

> is the free linux version of bitdefender maintained?

As far as I am aware, yes.

> I mention this
> because in a quick test, the latest version failed to detect
> Worm.SomeFool.P (ClamAV).
> Checking on and their version of  
> bitdefender
> picks it up as Win32.Netsky.P at mm Most of the engines on this site pick
> it up as a Netsky trojan.
> my bitdefender is 7.1-3, the site above doesnt provide version numbers
> but I suspect version 9 pro.
> I tested by:
> /opt/bdc/bdc /folder/full/of/junk/df*

You are expecting it to be able to directly decode email message  
encodings, which I don't think bitdefender can do. Try scanning the  
real files, not the email messages which contain them.

> clamscan --infected /folder/full/of/junk/df*

ClamAV can decode email messages itself, so I would expect a much  
higher success rate.

You are using bitdefender in a way it is not designed to work. Scan  
files, not email messages. Either that, or just plug it in to  
MailScanner and let it scan the infected messages with both scanners,  
and see what reports it generates. Reports from all scanners are  
included, not just the first one that found a virus.bsite!

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