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Sat Mar 4 16:21:53 GMT 2006

Dave Shariff Yadallee - System Administrator a.k.a. The Root of the 
Problem wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 10:56:35PM +0000, Julian Field wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Due to problems with "Use TNEF Contents = replace" not working as 
>> advertised, I have released 4.51.5 which should fix this problem.
>> 4.51.4 did not properly delete the winmail.dat file from the message. I 
>> have completely rewritten the code that does this and it seems to be a 
>> lot more robust now.
>> This release also incidentally adds 2 fixes/features:
>> - - Logging of batch timing includes number of messages in batch.
>> - - Pid File error produced with "MailScanner --lint" is fixed.
> While we are at it,  I can list the up to date perl modules:
> Archive-Zip-1.16
> Compress-Zlib-1.41
> Convert-BinHex-1.119  (probably no longer mailtained)
> Convert-TNEF-0.17   (probably no longer mailtained)
> DBD-SQLite-1.11 (recent)
>  DBI-1.50 (recent)
> ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.30 (recent)
> File-Spec had now been incorporated in PathTools-3.16
>  File-Temp-0.16
> Getopt-Long-2.35 (current)
> HTML-Parser-3.50 (recently changed)
>  HTML-Tagset-3.10 (current)
> IO-stringy-2.110 (current)
> MIME-Base64-3.07 (current)
>  MIME-tools-5.419 (cuurent)
> MailTools-1.74 (recently changed)
> Net-CIDR-0.11 (recent)
> Storable-2.15
> Time-HiRes-1.87 (recently changed)
> TimeDate-1.16 (current)
> tnef-1.3.4 (current)
> I try to keep up to date.  Julian, when I try to update via
> your script, the whole procedure breaks apart.  
> Is there an explanation?
I don't guarantee that the versions of modules I ship are the most up to 
date. But I do know that they all work together well. Every now and then 
people release code that doesn't work perfectly (I'm as bad at that as 
everyone else) so using the versions I ship will save you a lot of 
testing as they are known to work well with MailScanner.

Feel free to live on the bleeding edge, but don't blame me if you get cut!

Julian Field
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