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Julian Field MailScanner at
Sat Mar 4 16:16:32 GMT 2006

pal at wrote:
> Running Mailscanner version 4.44.6 and latest version of sendmail on
> Fedora core 3, I have a problem with a lot of spam sent to my domain. The
> spam mail are recognized as sent from my own domain, with fake sender and
> fake receiver addresses.
> My domain is, and the mail are sent to george at from
> admin at This is of cource not true.
> How can I get rid of these mails?
Are the envelope addresses these too? Or is it just the headers? You can 
make MailScanner add the From and To addresses from the envelope (look 
for "Envelope From" and "Envelope To" in MailScanner.conf and you'll 
find the find them).

If they match, then you could choose to reject messages (or better just 
drop them) with a ruleset expressions like "From and To" in an appropriate ruleset for an option like "Is Definitely 
Spam" and then make definite spam high-scoring and then delete 
high-scoring spam.

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