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I would have to second the vote for Crucial.  Hate to plug vendors as well,
but certainly a great choice.






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> > With that number of messages waiting and only 256Mb of RAM your machine
> > will be almost at a stand still I would have thought. How many children
> > are you running as doubling the RAM should mean you can increase the
> child
> > processes?
> >
> > Drew
> The server is a Cobalt RaQ 550 which has a P-III processor (1 GHz) and
> I've configured it to run only one child process. How much do you
> suggest I should increase it to?
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AS much as you can squeeze into the thing..

The Cobalt maxes  out at 512MB, I think. You can look up maximum amount and
type SDRAM replacement at www.crucial.com.

Sorry, not an advertising plug! You can buy the ram elsewhere!


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