Transfering settings and files from one machine to another

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at
Fri Mar 3 16:12:48 GMT 2006

I need to tranfer my bayes database and mysql stuff to the new machine.
I suppose I would need to transfer the quarantine also.  Here is my

I can't see to know how to transfer them.

The way that I got by in the past was to ftp the files to a web site and
then use wget on the other machine to get the file.  So I go the long
way around.  On the bayes files, since they are bigger I figure bout
time I realize how to use ftp. 

I got the server started on the old machine (ftp).  I can connect to the
old machine form the new machine.  I go to the directory and try to get
the files.  Get bayes_toks, etc.

I get an error Faile to open file.  Thinking a permission issue.  I
chown the remote files to bpumphrey (the ftp user that I am logged into)
and chmod the files to 777.  Still the error.  Any guidance is

Also, I really have no clue on where to start for moving the mysql

Thank you

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