MailScanner Ports ?

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Thu Mar 2 07:57:07 GMT 2006

On 02/03/06, spart cus <linux_spartacus at> wrote:
> Guys,
>  Sorry for the long delay. Just change our provider thats why it took me
> some time to get back on the track.My question is what ports does
> MailScanner used for updating antivirus for ClamAV and updating Spam List
> for spamassassin. This is a stand alone mail server no dns and no other
> services just purely mail server.Of course i already open 25 and 110 for
> SMTP and POP3services.Does ClamAV and Spamassasin used other ports for
> updates ???

freshclam uses DNS (port 53/udp ... and you should open tcp too,
perhaps) to check current versions on the cvd files, and use HTTP
(port 80/tcp) to download them, when needed. I imagine (not at a box
ATM) that the phishing whitelist is gotten with a wget or curl, which
implies HTTP...:-). Spam list .... Is that "updated"? Checking RBLs is
done via DNS, so .... that's back to port 53...
Note that you only need these "from the inside->out", so to speak.
-- Glenn
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