Modified Spam Report to replace the default Mailscanner simple spam report

Michael Schneider MSCHNEIDER at
Thu Jun 29 15:46:31 IST 2006

Hi all,

In the Mailscanner.conf file, there is an option to use a detailed
report or the simple spam/not spam report that is set in languages.conf.
 We have Novell GroupWise 6.5 and it looks for the following header: 
X-Spam-Flag: YES to determine whether to place messages in our Junk Mail
folder or our Inbox.  I have modifed the languages.conf to insert
X-Spam-Flag: YES to the header instead of spam when a message exceeds
the spam threshold.  Additionally, I have set the Spam Header to:  "Spam
Header ="

My problem is, GroupWise apparently does not like any spaces at the
beginning or end of the header, but Mailscanner puts a space in there. 
The following is cut from the header of an email that was detected as
SPAM: Found to be clean
 X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-MailScanner-SpamScore: sssss

Is there any way I can remove this space?

Thanks for your help!

Michael Schneider
Network/Systems Administrator
Northwest State Community College
22-600 State Route 34
Archbold, OH 43502-9542

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