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Mark Presling mark at
Thu Jun 29 11:58:56 IST 2006

Hi Chris,

Have you checked the size of your bayes database files? I used to have a 
1GB machine that SpamAssassin would regularly time out on because the 
bayes DB would get too big from the auto learning. I had to tune it so 
that the DB file would stay below 5MB or it just timed out scanning 
larger messages. It also used up 100% of the CPU most of the time. I 
used to manually expire old tokens from it as well, but that was before 
MS started doing that automatically for me. Even on my newer server (2G 
Pentium 4) I still restrict the size of the the bayes DB with 
"bayes_expiry_max_db_size 400000". This seems to keep the DB at around 10MB.


Chris Hammond wrote:
>>>> Sounds like you may just be asking too much of the hardware.
>>> This could very well be.  Before I go asking for a new server though, I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row.
>>> When this was nothing more than a Postfix box with static rules, it handled the job just fine.  But I think it may
>>> be really working for it's living.
>> MailScanner and SpamAssassin do use a lot of resources. It looks to be 
>> cpu bound, but that's a good thing usually! Any way to upgrade that 
>> processor? To reduce CPU usage, tune/configure some software. Did you 
>> read the performance tweaks section in the mailscanner wiki? To reduce 
>> disk writes, setup syslog to log to another box, or put mysql on another 
>> box, or throw another cheap ide drive into the box and log to it, 
>> instead of the mirrored drives.
> I was beginning to feel the same way.  The DL-145 is a dual processor capable box
> so I will see about adding a second processor to it.
> I did go through the tweaks section on the wiki.  My next thought was moving MySQL to
> another machine.  There is no more room for another drive so that is not an option
> unfortunately.  I am going to move the MySQL server to another box tonight and see what
> that gains me.
> Thanks
> Chris
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