Users of RBL's

Chris Hammond chris at
Tue Jun 27 23:26:24 IST 2006

>>> Sounds like you may just be asking too much of the hardware.
>> This could very well be.  Before I go asking for a new server though, I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row.
>> When this was nothing more than a Postfix box with static rules, it handled the job just fine.  But I think it may
>> be really working for it's living.
>MailScanner and SpamAssassin do use a lot of resources. It looks to be 
>cpu bound, but that's a good thing usually! Any way to upgrade that 
>processor? To reduce CPU usage, tune/configure some software. Did you 
>read the performance tweaks section in the mailscanner wiki? To reduce 
>disk writes, setup syslog to log to another box, or put mysql on another 
>box, or throw another cheap ide drive into the box and log to it, 
>instead of the mirrored drives.

I was beginning to feel the same way.  The DL-145 is a dual processor capable box
so I will see about adding a second processor to it.

I did go through the tweaks section on the wiki.  My next thought was moving MySQL to
another machine.  There is no more room for another drive so that is not an option
unfortunately.  I am going to move the MySQL server to another box tonight and see what
that gains me.


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