what rules do you use with RDJ?

Daniel Maher daniel.maher at ubisoft.com
Wed Jun 21 14:25:21 IST 2006

When you say "SA older than 3.0.0", do you mean 2.9.9 and below, or 3.0.1 and above?

Also, what are the reasons for this statement?  I currently have Antidrug enabled, and if I shouldn't be using it, I suppose I should turn it off. :)

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Arthur Sherman wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder what set of rules do you use with RDJ so to 1)stay on a safe side,
> 2)not to overload a server?
I use:


I also use 70_sare_stocks.cf, but I don't RDJ it at the moment.

On top of this, I have about 15 small files of local custom rules I've added.
Most of these are fairly specific to my site or test rules.

The only general one is a ruleset I made to use the RelayCountry plugin data. If
you're interested in that, a version is up on the spamassassin list archives:


Note: Don't use antidrug unless you're running SA older than 3.0.0.

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