[OT] Strip attachment and add link for download

Greg Borders gborders at jlewiscooper.com
Tue Jun 20 18:53:24 IST 2006

Derek Winkler wrote:
> >
> > -------------------------
> > Alias /pickup/ "/var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/"
> > <Directory "/var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/">
> >     Options Indexes MultiViews
> >     AllowOverride None
> >     Order allow,deny
> >     Allow from all
> > </Directory>
> > --------------------------
> >
> > The only down side is you have to open up permissions to the quarantine
> > folders, and thus making ALL of the messages available to those that
> > know how to peruse the folders.  Fortunately, the message id is quite
> > long and random, and makes it harder to dig around unless you know
> > exactly what it is.
> You should really change this to -Indexes since this allows for 
> directory indexing. It doesn't matter how messed up the URL is if you 
> allow directory indexing.
> When you go to http://www.whatever.tld/pickups/ doesn't it give you a 
> directory listing? and the same for all sub-directories?
Good call.  While I'm a jack-of-all trades, I'm usually master of none, 
including apache configurations.  ;D
I did a quick tweak on the alias, and removed the "Indexes", now it only 
let's me get at the direct link of the file. Nice!

Now back to playing with PHP....


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