Will MS work with Postfix 2.3?

Ed Bruce edwardbruce at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 16 14:50:33 IST 2006

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Drew Marshall wrote:
> On Thu, May 4, 2006 15:18, Rick Chadderdon wrote:
>> Mike Jakubik wrote:
>>> I hope this gets Julian's attention, but i am curious to know whether
>>> MailScanner will continue to function with the new release of Postfix
>>> 2.3.
>> I'm using MailScanner (as of yesterday it was at 4.52.2 in FreeBSD
>> ports) with postfix-2.3.20060405.  I stopped updating Postfix when I
>> read the recent discussions on this list about possible future breakage,
>> but the version I have works flawlessly.
> Me too, although I am running the latest Postfix port on one of the mx's
> just to see when/ if it does break.
> Drew
So is the conclusion that MS works with Postfix 2.3? It looks like
"bounce_template_file" will solve a problem I have and would like to
use it. I am concerned about upgrading to 2.3.
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