Strange load situation

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> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Here's the thing though, the load escalation has just started occuring 
>> recently. Everything used to run smoothly. My next restep was to be a 
>> reboot, and still may be if the current situation isn't permanent. It 
>> can't hurt.
> check the mail you are getting carefully, you may be being targetted 
> especially if you dont reject unknown mailboxes.
> Have you talked to anyone offerring to sell you hosted email services 
> recently? am I paranoid...? ;)

The load average is now back to between 4+ and 7, so I'm not sure if things 
are good or not yet.

I'm not sure how to reject email for unknown users up front at the MTA, 
although sendmail reports "Unknown user" messages all day. I do not run 
anything like milter-ahead or milter-sender, and am not sure how to do this 
without one of those. This machine is also a secondary MX for a couple of 
other mailhubs, so it gets slammed, and without one of those milters, 
there's not much I can do.

I am getting hit pretty hard by a thing. They are all being 
listed as spam, but it would be nice to block them up front in the access 
table. I just don't know if anyone receives mail from a real netzero user, 
and this wouldn't save a copy. They are all from varying IPs, so its hard to 
figure out how to do this without damage.

Thanks though,

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