Strange load situation

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Thu Jun 15 15:45:58 IST 2006

Thanks Jethro,
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> On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Can anyone indicate they have seen similar results? I'm not real
>> concerned yet, at least not until I see that it's not going to catch up.
>> The purge seemed to have been working, but I thought maybe there was a
>> little bit too much in the maillog table - turns out not so. This would
>> almost indicate it's better to slow down my MS scan interval and let
>> more messages per batch be scanned per child, or maybe lower my messages
>> per batch.
> When I first installed MailScanner in a large environment, I found I had
> to juggle the numbers relating to number of messages per batch, number of
> processed, and max size of batch, to reach a happy medium where it
> processed messages quickly to not let them build up, but without spawning
> so many processes that machine got bogged down switching between them.  I
> certainly found that too many MailScanner processes was detrimental.

Here's the thing though, the load escalation has just started occuring 
recently. Everything used to run smoothly. My next restep was to be a 
reboot, and still may be if the current situation isn't permanent. It can't 

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