Setting Up DNSBL using RBLDNSD

Aaron K. Moore amoore at
Thu Jun 15 14:07:56 IST 2006

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions wrote:
> Has anyone any tips on doing this?
> I do not want to mirror existing data (I already am :) )
> I want to setup my own DNSBL to catch the junk that the other DNSBLS
> miss.. 

Check out these sites. is the main site for rbldnsd.  I
got some help off of the rbldnsd mailing list when setting it up here a
week or so ago.

> The only tutorials / guides I've found either refer explicitly to
> Bind or make reference to  rbldns-conf, which doesn't appear to exist
> on Ubuntu 

I compiled and installed it from the source.  Rbldnsd only takes it's
configuration information on the command line, so you'll probably want
to create your own startup script.

I have some custom code that I've added to MailScanner that stores
information about mail processed by MailScanner which has been
classified as spam or having viruses.  I then have another program that
checks those log entries and generates a blacklist in rbldnsd format.

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