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Thu Jun 15 02:53:46 IST 2006

Sorry to sound so dumb, but how did you set this up in MailScanner ?

Im learning all the time, so time to get C/C out and get the book ;)



On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 16:42:44 -0700
Dennis Willson <taz at> wrote:

> I have my MailScanner set to allow these only if they're in a ZIP file. 
> That way it's a lot more effort for a user to "accidently" execute them. 
> But if someone really needs to send these, they can.
> I know that's not 100% secure, but I have to allow my users to receive 
> them in one form or another and using a ZIP file was the least risky I 
> could think of and still let them exchange these kind of files.
> --[UxBoD]-- wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >a supplier is trying to send me some files that include .css and .js content.  The anti-virus element of MailScanner is stopping these due to the
> >content. I have added the user to the spam whitelist, but they still get blocked. How can I allow this email through from the supplier ?
> >
> >Thanks,
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