Upgrade Recommendations

Shortt, Kevin KShortt at ussco.com
Wed Jun 14 04:29:47 IST 2006

Hello Everyone, 

I need to upgrade my current setup. I am looking for some advice from a
higher level. (at first anyway)

This is what I have:

   O/S:  RHEL 3
   (all rpms below..)

I purchase an entitlement from RH to be able easily update my server.
However, RH does NOT support sendmail 8.13.x on RHEL3...
NOR spamassasin 3.0.x on RHEL3 either.

I am willing to upgrade both manually against RH support.

My question:

Which should I tackle first.??
Spamassasin...then sendmail...then MS?
Any caveats that I need to be aware of?...(I know there is care from SA
2.55 to 3.0.)
Is anyone else in my same position?  I mean I am getting a lot spam
through. Perhaps I only need to fix what I have.

I would love any and all opinions on a course of action.

Thank you in advance. This is great mailling list.


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