force autolearn

Dave wintermutecx at
Tue Jun 13 18:12:48 IST 2006

On 6/13/06, Drew Marshall <drew at> wrote:
> On Tue, June 13, 2006 16:54, Dave wrote:
> > I've been hit with a dictionary attack for generic accounts like uucp,
> > accounts, home, sales, etc. I have never used or plan to use these
> > accounts. Right now I have a rule that adds 5 to the score if sent to
> > those accounts but I would like to have them autolearned as well. From
> > what I've read, custom rules are not used in the autolearn threshold
> > count. Is that true?
> Why not just reject these (And all other unknown users) at your MTA? Save
> all the processing overhead and protect your server from a really big
> directory attack.

 I don't deliver mail with a spam score greater then 6, nor are they
rejected. Does Mailscanner check to see if it's a valid user before
spam scoring?

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