Use Default Rules With Multiple Recipients

Matt Hampton matt at
Tue Jun 13 15:59:42 IST 2006

>> No. Scan Messages is a "All Match" ruleset, so if any of the recipients
>> want it scanned, it will be scanned. All recipients will get the scanned
>> message.
>> MailScanner does not divide up messages into several different messages
>> for different recipients, there is only ever 1 message with all the
>> recipients on it.
I have updated the MAQ with a specific header:
	Multiple Recipient Message - how to apply different rules

It was hidden under the Misc questions and was Sendmail specific.  It
now is MTA independent of the MTA but has instructions for only Sendmail.

Can some let me know which other MTA's support envelope splitting and
which don't - We will probably need to move the information to a new
location in the tree - under documentation:configuration:mta:Sendmail
etc and leave links under the MAQ.

Am I right in thinking that postfix doesn't....


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