Use Default Rules With Multiple Recipients

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On 13 Jun 2006, at 15:08, Marcel Blenkers wrote:

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> Hi there,
> first of all, i did saw the new Website..great stuff :)
> My Question is for the Option:
> Use Default Rules With Multiple Recipients
> and if i did get it right.
> Does this mean, if set to yes, this is what happens:
> Example:
> I have 2 Users
> 1 does not want his mails to be scanned, so scanning for that user is
> turned off via ruleset.
> Second User wants his mails to be scanned all the way.
> Email User A ab at
> Email User B cd at
> Mail comes in:
> To-Field: ab at, cd at
> does this mean, the mail will be delivered to user a without  
> scanning and
> to user b with scanning??

No. Scan Messages is a "All Match" ruleset, so if any of the  
recipients want it scanned, it will be scanned. All recipients will  
get the scanned message.

MailScanner does not divide up messages into several different  
messages for different recipients, there is only ever 1 message with  
all the recipients on it.

> Maybe i am wrong here..
> so, that is just a question, if i understood everything correct.. :)
> Thanks in advance..
> Marcel
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