Who does RBL checks - MailScanner or SpamAssassin?

Res res at ausics.net
Wed Jun 7 10:55:59 IST 2006

Hi Martin,

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Martin Hepworth wrote:

> Res
> Yes that's another option, but I find this type of blacklist give too many
> false positives. I prefer to get SA to do it, and merely add to the spam
> score.

Ever tried running S.A on servers that do serious work, and want your mail 
out of the queue and delivered the same week ? :)
(I do run SA on the machines that can handle it though, but thats like 2 
out of many)

I use SORBS, spamhaus and spamcop, I trust them pretty much, SORBS can be 
an issue with hotmail at times, when it gets to level 2 complaint level we 
remove SORBS until its cleared up. I rather not waste any more resources 
on privacy invading dweebs than I have to, hence why I prefere MTA.



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