MailScanner goes byebyes

Res res at
Wed Jun 7 10:48:46 IST 2006

On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Furnish, Trever G wrote:

> Hmmm...  Not to sound too alarming, but that sounds odd enough that I'd
> be making sure I had recent backups of whatever's important on the

all servers in the data center are backed up nightly so no problem with 

> system, then start looking for other signs of oddness or hardware/kernel
> problems.  Are the processes ending up in uninterruptible sleep state?
> Is the process cputime increasing (ps -eo pid,user,cputime,cmd on linux
> -- geeze I hate that manual page!).

nothing else is out of place, thats whats so crazy. 3 days now since last 
time, i guess murphy law wil come into play and it'll screw up on saturday 


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