MailScanner goes byebyes

Res res at
Tue Jun 6 08:46:17 IST 2006

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, Rob Poe wrote:

>> Mine get none, the usual child starting blah blah, found and processed
>> X number of messages and thats it..
>> So I guess its a case of the childs starts, processes its first batch then
>> ninite we go :(
> What version of MailScanner are you running.  What MTA?  Linux Distro?

latest stable MS, linux, slackware, qmail
we have 3 other qmail boxes that are as hard of working as this one, we 
have several sendmail box's that work as hard and even harder, this only 
happens on one of them. I can not no master how hard i try, make it 
replicate to any of the others, and it runs the same kernel as most of the 


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