Mailscanner stopped, sendmail running...

Arthur Sherman arturs at
Tue Jun 6 08:45:32 IST 2006

> Which sendmail was still running? The main listener? The main 
> queue runner? Or a
> child of one or the other that was servicing a current transaction?
> AFAIK stopping MailScanner won't force-kill children that are 
> currently
> connected and performing network transactions. Those will 
> continue to run until
> their current transaction completes and then exit.
> (Of course, take that with a grain of salt, but every time 
> I've seen this occur
> before, it was a child that was in the process of receiving 
> mail from or
> delivering mail to a remote site.)

AFAIK, those were childs.

Btw, is it possible to make MailScanner wait for childs to exit before it
reports successful service shutdown?

Thank you for your help.


Arthur Sherman


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