Mailscanner stopped, sendmail running...

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Mon Jun 5 20:30:14 IST 2006

Arthur Sherman wrote:
> Hi,
> OS=CentOS 4.3
> Sendmail=8.13.1
> MailScanner=4.53.8
> I issued 'service MailScanner stop' several times and still had sendmail
> running.
> Isn't sendmail controlled by MailScanner?
> Then why it didn't stopped it?

Which sendmail was still running? The main listener? The main queue runner? Or a
child of one or the other that was servicing a current transaction?

AFAIK stopping MailScanner won't force-kill children that are currently
connected and performing network transactions. Those will continue to run until
their current transaction completes and then exit.

(Of course, take that with a grain of salt, but every time I've seen this occur
before, it was a child that was in the process of receiving mail from or
delivering mail to a remote site.)

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