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On 05/06/06, Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote:
> On 05/06/06, Chris Green <chrisgreen at> wrote:
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> > One of the reasons I started using Debian was because of it's reputation
> > with stability. It follows that some packages are going to be well out of
> > date. I totally agree with you about using the latest and greatest here
> > though - so compiling from source is where I'm headed.
> Depending on which release of Debian you look at, it can be well more
> than mouldy versions... "Prehistoric" comes to mind:-). That said, it
> does have stability, true.
> But so do many other distros too, and without sticking to outdated
> releases... Oh well, "Holy wars have started over less"...:-).
> > Thanks for your comments and help, I'm only six months into Linux and it
> > REALLY helps getting a leg up every now and again. I've left a beer for you
> > in your local bar - just go up to the barman and ask for it :-)
> >
> We've all been "new to Linux" at one point in time or other, and most
> have good enough memories to remember what it was like (well, I came
> from Unix to linux, sort of, and have never really left Unix.... And
> it was rather early... was it version 0.96? Not that good memopry
> after all:-)... The crowd here is generally a helpfull bunch, so ...
> Don't hesitate to ask if you find another "stumbling block"!

Oh, and thanks for the beer... It fit nicely with lunch:-):-)
(This "replying to oneself" is a thing you need practice a bit...
Since you are using Postfix, it is mandatory... Don't ask why, none
will be able to give a coherent answer:-):-)

-- Glenn
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