MailScanner goes byebyes

Res res at
Mon Jun 5 09:00:32 IST 2006

Hi James,

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, James Gray wrote:

> Wow, 10 children - I hope you have at least 2 REAL CPU's/cores (not some wanky

yes, DL380 :)

> and a *LOT* of RAM (2GB territory on a dedicated server, double

Yep :)

> that if this box is sharing with other things).  Are you sure you're not
> hitting some resource limit?

This only happens on one of the several mail servers, doesnt seem to be an 
issue on any of the others and only some of the time.

> MailScanner needed more file handles than I was allowing it and resulted in
> the sort of "hang" you describe above when the mail queues got big.  Once I
> upped the file handles limit everything was peachy again.  There were plenty
> of messages in the logs (/var/log/messages and /var/log/kernel.log on Linux)
> which gave me the necessary clue.

Mine get none, the usual child starting blah blah, found and processed 
X number of messages and thats it..
So I guess its a case of the childs starts, processes its first batch then 
ninite we go :(


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