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James Gray james at
Sun Jun 4 21:43:39 IST 2006

On Sun, 4 Jun 2006 01:01 pm, Res wrote:
> Hey all,
> Anyone seen before and bene able to produce a cure for why if tehre is a
> large queue MailScanner stops processing mail, it runs fine use  --lint no
> errors, run in debug nothing happens
> I have to continuellay HUP the damned thing for it to process, once with
> starts  its 10 kiddies  thatsa the end of it until I hup it again

Wow, 10 children - I hope you have at least 2 REAL CPU's/cores (not some wanky 
Intel "Hyperthread" thing that just /says/ it's got 2 CPU's/cores...but it's 
not really) and a *LOT* of RAM (2GB territory on a dedicated server, double 
that if this box is sharing with other things).  Are you sure you're not 
hitting some resource limit?

On my systems I have a restrictive default config for all accounts that don't 
have a login (eg, postfix, bind, etc) which bit me on the butt when 
MailScanner needed more file handles than I was allowing it and resulted in 
the sort of "hang" you describe above when the mail queues got big.  Once I 
upped the file handles limit everything was peachy again.  There were plenty 
of messages in the logs (/var/log/messages and /var/log/kernel.log on Linux) 
which gave me the necessary clue.


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