Can the order of Spam, MCP, Arichiving processing be determined

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Fri Jun 2 09:17:13 IST 2006

Dear Julian,

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From: Julian Field
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> On 2 Jun 2006, at 05:18, Lasantha Marian wrote:
>> Hi Everyone !
>> MailScanner has been a one of the best FOSS tools that I have used and I
>> have deployed at six locations in three countries. It has always served
>> my requirements beyond expectations. Mostly my setups are
>> Postfix/DBMail/MailScanner/SpamAssassin/AVG/ClamAV/F-Prot/F-Secure with
>> one new deployment having Exim as MTA. I am extremely thankful to the
>> wonderful people who are involved the development of MailScnner (this my
>> first time on this list).
> Gratitude gratefully received!
Appreciate your prompt reply.
>> The Problem (may be a feature request) is that the Archive feature of
>> the MailScanner processes messages before processing Spam and MCP. Which
>> results in having Spam and MCP positive messages being archived. The
>> need is to get the archiving messages which are Spam and MCP negatives
>> only. Unfortunately for me I could not find a way to achieve this.
> The spam gets archived into a spam subdirectory of the day's 
> quarantine. Just delete the archived spam directory every night.
I use "Archive Mail" option with rule set and forwarding to a selected 
account. That is the reason why I am searching the capability to 
control  at which point the archiving should happen.
>> Is there a possibility to decide in which order the processing of Spam,
>> MCP and Archiving can be done (For Spam and MCP the option "First Check
>> = spam" fills the same kind of need) ? If not available is there a
>> possibility to introduce a configuration option to decide the order of
>> processing ?
> The data put into the archive is _always_ the contents of the message 
> as received by MailScanner, and I have no intention of changing that. 
> You can stop viruses going into the archive, but that is all. I want 
> the archive as a way of looking at original messages if something went 
> wrong. Having mangled messages in the archive would destroy the point.
I honor your stance on this.

But if I were to make the change for my self in my installations, what 
modules should I be looking.

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