Can the order of Spam, MCP, Arichiving processing be determined

Lasantha Marian x72m35 at
Fri Jun 2 05:18:23 IST 2006

Hi Everyone !

MailScanner has been a one of the best FOSS tools that I have used and I
have deployed at six locations in three countries. It has always served
my requirements beyond expectations. Mostly my setups are
Postfix/DBMail/MailScanner/SpamAssassin/AVG/ClamAV/F-Prot/F-Secure with
one new deployment having Exim as MTA. I am extremely thankful to the
wonderful people who are involved the development of MailScnner (this my
first time on this list).

The Problem (may be a feature request) is that the Archive feature of
the MailScanner processes messages before processing Spam and MCP. Which
results in having Spam and MCP positive messages being archived. The
need is to get the archiving messages which are Spam and MCP negatives
only. Unfortunately for me I could not find a way to achieve this.

Is there a possibility to decide in which order the processing of Spam,
MCP and Archiving can be done (For Spam and MCP the option "First Check
= spam" fills the same kind of need) ? If not available is there a
possibility to introduce a configuration option to decide the order of
processing ?

The setup where I have this problem is having
Exim/DBMail/MailScanner/SpamAssassin/AVG/ClamAV/F-Prot/F-Secure running
on DELL PowerEdge Server with Intel Pentium 3 1.33 GHz x 2 with 2GB Memory.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


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