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Dennis Willson taz at
Thu Jun 1 19:14:04 IST 2006

Dave Strydom wrote:

> On 6/1/06, Dennis Willson <taz at> wrote:
>> I would like the configuration file to be put into a database
>> (optionally). If there's an option in the config file that is the name
>> of the file that does database accesses for the configuration
>> information then it ignores the rest of the file and begins to call that
>> function to get the configuration information. This would make keeping
>> multiple copies of MailScanner correctly sync'ed up much easier and
>> allow an extension of MailWatch to make configuration changes.
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>> Dennis Willson
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> Although this may seem like a good idea, my only concern about
> something like this is that the chance of a mysql server crashing
> compared to a txt file crashing is hugly different.
> Also, is it not quicker to read from a txt file, than it would be to
> do sql queries?
> Dave

Each of my MailScanner installations has its own MySQL server with 
circular replication so a MySQL crash will at most only bring down one 
of the MailScanner installations.
However I assume (I may be wrong here, Julian would have to say for 
sure) but that the config file is only read in on startup and the 
variables stored in memory. If MailScanner
read the txt config files over and over every time it needed some 
variable that would be much slower than using SQL.

Besides, I only mean for this to be an option, my suggestion is that it 
can do either txt files or database.


Dennis Willson
mailto:taz at

Owner / Operator, Kepnet Internet Services

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