Another call for improvements

Dave Strydom strydom.dave at
Thu Jun 1 06:04:15 IST 2006

On 6/1/06, Dennis Willson <taz at> wrote:
> I would like the configuration file to be put into a database
> (optionally). If there's an option in the config file that is the name
> of the file that does database accesses for the configuration
> information then it ignores the rest of the file and begins to call that
> function to get the configuration information. This would make keeping
> multiple copies of MailScanner correctly sync'ed up much easier and
> allow an extension of MailWatch to make configuration changes.
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> Dennis Willson
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Although this may seem like a good idea, my only concern about
something like this is that the chance of a mysql server crashing
compared to a txt file crashing is hugly different.

Also, is it not quicker to read from a txt file, than it would be to
do sql queries?


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