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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Jun 1 15:06:13 IST 2006

On 31/05/06, Pete Russell <pete at> wrote:
> 1. I would REALLY love to see a solution to postfix limitation/inability
> to split inbound messages into individual queues files. This is REALLY
> starting to drive us nuts.


If it is really driving you mad, then do us a favour(:-).... Set up a
dual postfix+HOLD&MS, and document it:-).
What I'm talking about is this:
The reason Postfix+HOLD&MS can't split the mails/recipient is that the
actual splitting is done too late (at delivery via smtp/lmtp/pipe),
after MS is done, so it wouldn't benefit us. The somewhat ugly
solution is to add in a "front side" postfix, that does the usual
stuff (header checks and all, but not the HOLD thing) and splits the
messages/recipient, then hands them on to the second (or "backside":-)
postfix (via a transport map or similar) that do the HOLD etc. Not
pretty, but at least remotely feasible:-).

So far I've not seen this as a big enough problem to actually do this
myself... If i ever get a slow moment, I'll do it myself;-).

> 2. I cant do regexp - i want to try and learn but my brain cant do it :(
> I would love to see an easy way to block an email by subject or sender,
> or body or URI content - i guess his isnt really a MailScanner task, an
> MailWatch one?

Postfix header/body checks... But then, these have some fairly obvious
limitations, as being line-oriented and ... needing some form of REs
to be really useful:-)

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