Listserv whitelisting: Reply-to header field?

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Thu Jun 1 13:48:47 IST 2006

Brett Charbeneau a écrit :
>     Can anyone please offer me some tips on this? I've scoured the 
> list archives and docs and have come up empty-handed.
> Debian 3.1, kernel 2.6.8,
> Sendmail 8.13.4, MailScanner 4.41.3-2, SpamAssassin 3.0.3-2 (deb 
> packages)
>     Several of my users subscribe to a listserv that consistently gets 
> marked as SPAM and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to 
> whitelist these messages.
>     The listserv creates headers that shows posts as coming from the 
> poster, not the listserv server. This makes filtering on the "From:" 
> field ineffective.
>     I tried to enter a rule in my
> /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.whitelist.rules
>     file to filter on the "Reply-To:" field like this:
> Reply-To:       OCLC-Cataloging <OCLC-CAT at OCLC.ORG>     yes
>     but this isn't working either. I supply a sample of the header 
> from this list below.
> Date:         Tue, 16 May 2006 16:20:36 -0500
> Reply-To: OCLC-Cataloging <OCLC-CAT at OCLC.ORG>
> Sender: OCLC-Cataloging <OCLC-CAT at OCLC.ORG>
> From: "Library Cataloger" <cataloger at wrl.INFO>
> Subject: {Spam?} Re: [OCLC-CAT] simplify MARC records?
> Precedence: list

Look in your maillog for the envelope sender.  It may well be quite 
different from the From: in the message itself.  You need to work with 
the envelope sender and not the message sender.  Use the following 
option to get it in the message headers of every email processed my MS:
Add Envelope From Header = yes

When you have the envelope sender, use that value (maybe with wildcards) 
in your whitelist rule.


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