Another call for improvements

Brad Beckenhauer brad at
Thu Jun 1 05:56:16 IST 2006

1) Add Variables for the default filetype and filename conf files in MailScanner.conf.  This allows for easier concatenation of multiple rulesets in the rules directory.

# Set location of the default filetype rules
%def-ft-rules% = %etc-dir%/filetype.rules.conf
# Set location of the default filename rules
%def-fn-rules% = %etc-dir%/filename.rules.conf

This allows the following to be used:
FromOrTo:  *@domain1.tld    %rules-dir%/sites/domain1.tld/filename.rules.conf %def-fn-rules%
FromOrTo:  *@domain2.tld    %rules-dir%/sites/domain2.tld/filename.rules.conf %def-fn-rules%
FromOrTo:       default           %def-fn-rules%  # Default filename ruleset

FromOrTo:  *@domain1.tld    %rules-dir%/sites/domain1.tld/filetype.rules.conf %def-ft-rules%
FromOrTo:  *@domain2.tld    %rules-dir%/sites/domain2.tld/filetype.rules.conf %def-ft-rules%
FromOrTo:       default         %def-ft-rules%  # Default filetype ruleset

2) review MailScanner.conf.  There are several options that do not state what the available valid options.
Obviously this does not apply to all options.
# valid options: [yes], [no] or [filename of a ruleset]
Content Modify Subject = yes

3) See  This is a volunteer program with anonymous system information.  It would be interesting to have MailScanner collect similiar info.  MS could even collect information as to what percentage of the user base is using the defaults settings for an given option.  example... Whats's the min/max/average and mode of the "Required SpamAssassin Score". 

>>> Julian Field<MailScanner at> 5/30/2006 3:54:11 PM >>>

Any of you got any features which you really need?
I don't guarantee to implement them, or even consider them :-)

Anything you don't like, anything you particularly like (gratitude is 
always welcome :-) I'm a right sucker for it :-)

At the moment there aren't any features people want, other than a 200% 
speed improvement which I've done my best for in the past.

Don't ignore anything you have asked for in the past, consider them 
forgotten :-(


Julian Field
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