Use TNEF Contents problem

Alden Levy alden at
Thu Jun 1 04:23:06 IST 2006

Nope.  Haven't had a chance, yet.  As luck would have it, my host's name
servers were down for hours yesterday, so I had to deal with that.  If
anyone else has tried, please let me know.


From: Julian Field <MailScanner <at>>
Subject: Re: Use TNEF Contents problem
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Date: 2006-05-30 20:36:19 GMT 

Have you tried
TNEF Contents = add
It's quite possible that Outlook-only features may be mis-rendered by 
Outlook when the Outlook features are replaced.

This may be a good reason to change the default to
TNEF Contents = add

What does anyone else think of this setting?

Alden Levy wrote:
> MS version 4.54.6, FC2
> I just found out that if you set Use TNEF Contents = replace, instead of =
> no, vCards will not be properly rendered by Outlook.
> This may be known by many of you, but I just wanted to highlight it for
> those of us who didn't.
> Regards,
> Alden
> Alden Levy
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