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Daniel Maher daniel.maher at ubisoft.com
Thu Jul 27 14:15:16 IST 2006

Hi all,


This is remarkably off-topic for the list, and I'm sorry for bringing it up, but I'm at my technical-wit's end here, and any help would be good at this point.


I am trying to set up OpenLDAP to act as a caching proxy between Postfix and my Active Directory server.  Slapd proxies just fine, but I can't get it to cache the results at all.


I'll say no more on the topic.  If anybody has ever done something like this, I would very much appreciate a response - preferably off-list, since this has nothing to do with MailScanner.


Again, I apologise for this off-topic post.  The OpenLDAP mailing list is remarkably not helpful - and you folks just seem much more friendly... :)



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