Problem with CSV Files

Phillip Udel Phil.Udel at
Thu Jul 27 14:04:42 IST 2006

I had something interesting reported to me today.  I looked in the Archives
but could not find a reference to the problem.  When we email a CSV
attachment the file is altered, the CRLF Hex(0d0a) is converted into just a
LF Hex (0a) .  I can up the file up in Excel but when we try and import it
into the outlook contact list we get an error that whines about it not being
a CSV.  Has anyone seen this before.  I upgraded a lot at once on the mail
server so not sure if it MS, SA, or a Perl Mod.

RH 8.0
MS 4.54.6-1
SA 3.1.3
MailWatch 1.0.3
Sendmail 8.12

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