A quick and easy performance improvement

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at nkpanama.com
Wed Jul 26 22:25:34 IST 2006

Logan Shaw wrote:
> With one tiny exception:  that you're not on an operating system
> where you've corrupted some important boot files and the boot
> loader can't understand the journal.  Usually the journal
> replay happens after the kernel is loaded, so if the kernel
> or other files used early in the boot process are damaged,
> it could prevent a boot even on a journaled filesystem.
> Or at least this is the reason Sun gave for a long time for
> not recommending turning on the journal for the root filesystem.
>   - Logan

I usually keep a couple of copies of the kernel in /boot just in case, 
along with bash and some other tools. I've only had to use it once or 
twice in 10 years, but it helps in that situation.

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