Wrong lock type error messages

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Jul 26 22:13:43 IST 2006

Another thread caused me to think of this, and I don't recall ever seeing 
the question asked this way:

I have upgraded to 8.13 sendmail using the RPMs from city-fan.org. One of 
the recently-posted threads reminded me that I hadn't changed my lock type 
from flock to posix. But I don't see any consequences of not doing this so 
far. I guess it's possible that the RPMs might have been built to use flock, 
but I'm not really sure this is an option for sendmail 8.13.

What should I be looking for in my maillog to see if this is a problem. The 
only suspect message is a POP message issued quite frequently about "trying 
to get a lock on the mailbox". Once in a while, I get df* or qf* orphans in 
the input queue. This seems to be a normal thing for the df files, but I 
don't recall seeing qf files before.

This does not seem to be an urgent problem, as things are going fairly 
smoothly. I am using MS 4.52.2-1, and the logs say I am definitely using 

Thanks for any help.

Steve Campbell
campbell at cnpapers.com
Charleston Newspapers

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