Mailscanner mqueuein trouble

Res res at
Sat Jul 22 01:11:39 IST 2006

Hi Chris,

On Fri, 21 Jul 2006, Chris Green wrote:

>> But I see in your followup post you only do about 100K a day, we have 3 
>> machines that do 3/4 of a million+  and 1 that does well over a million a 
>> day (which is the problem one) each so they are not exactly little 
>> machines.
> Are you running sa-learn on those boxes? I'm truely surprised at the woeful 
> performance you're getting. It's almost like you are feeding spam in to 
> sa-learn as ham...!

Yes on the smaller ones, but not on the problem one, I've tried turning
as much off with it as possible, all to no avail, once S.A is on bang, the 
queue starts to blow out. I admit im no S.A guru, extremely far from it, 
but the other boxes handle it well, but they dont do as much work as that 
one, and no it does swap, theres ample memory and its fast scsi raid like 
the others, I could understand it if the load blew out but it barely peaks 
much higher than normal.


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