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> On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Denis Beauchemin wrote:
>>> So in essence, S.A is good for stopping about 0.1% of it.
>>> nice and handy and warns the suer the otehr 99.9% of the time BUT 
>>> because its a warning  people will at least start to read it to see 
>>> if its spam or genuine.
>> I disagree with you.  SA, if you tune it right, will detect pretty 
>> much ALL spam.  But it needs lots of RAM.
>> We warn users above 5 and delete mails above 20 and yesterday we 
>> managed to delete 59% of spam...
> Then its not catching the sort of crap we see, as per my previous most 
> of it is low scoring so they see it anyway, if I was to run your 
> settings here it would be a pure waste of time because you are still 
> sending 99% of it to users to evaluate if itsspam or not, but each 
> network to their own i supose.
> But I see in your followup post you only do about 100K a day, we have 
> 3 machines that do 3/4 of a million+  and 1 that does well over a 
> million a day (which is the problem one) each so they are not exactly 
> little machines.
I can't imagine what it would be like if I had that many emails...  but 
I still think things like DCC/Razor/Pyzor might help you out.


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